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The History of the Department of Entomology goes back to an insect research group at Jingling University in 1916 and the Department of plant disease and pest, Southeast University in 1921, there began pilot studies on insect biology and pest control for economic crops.

Currently, the Department of Entomology has 32 faculties, including 14 professors, 13 associate professors and 5 lectures, who then grouped into 6 major research groups: insect physiology and molecular biology, insect molecular toxicology, insect molecular ecology and evolution, insect informatics ecology, pest biological control, and taxonomy of aquatic and soil insects. The Department offers basic and applied curriculum of entomology for undergraduate and graduate students at Nanjing Agricultural Universty, and also provides a variety of graduate program scholarships for domestic and international perspective students.

The Department owns one state key discipline of agricultural entomology and pest control, and facilities of artificial climate chambers, molecular laboratory, behavior laboratory, greenhouses and insect collection.  It has an excellent reputation for work of the scientific research on insects and pests, funded by different kinds of national and provincial funds, as well as contracts from governmental agencies and companies, with an average research fund up to 20 million yuan per year recently. Some of the research findings published in international journals, e.g. Nature, PNAS, Nature Technology, Nature Communications, Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pest Management, Insect Physiology, etc.