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The College of Plant Protection in Nanjing Agricultural University was founded in 2000. The earliest roots of the college can be traced back to the Plant Pathology and Entomology Groups founded by Jinling University in 1916, and to the Department of Plant Pests at the South-Eastern University (Dongnan University) in 1921,which was the first department for plant pests in China. The college has gained recognition as one of the cradles of modern plant pathology, entomology and plant quarantine in China. In her nearly 100 years history, the college has greatly contributed to the advance of science and technology associated with plant protection through high quality research and training, both within and beyond China.

       The college consists of three departments and one teaching group: the Department of Plant Pathology, the Department of Entomology, the Department of Pesticide Science, and the Agrometeorology Teaching Group. The college is currently home to 88 faculty and staff (including 33 professors and 22 associate professors), 601 undergraduate students and 640 graduate students. The college hosts one National Class I Key Discipline (Plant Protection), three National Class II Key Disciplines (Plant Pathology, Entomology and Pesticide Science), one Province Key Discipline (Plant Quarantine and Biosafety), and three Province and Ministry Key Laboratories (Key Laboratory of Integrated Management of Crop Diseases and Pests, Ministry of Education; Key Laboratory of Integrated Pest Management in Crops in Eastern China, Ministry of Agriculture; and Pesticide Science Key Laboratory,Jiangsu Province).

        The mission of the College of Plant Protection is to foster exceptional talent and to build competitive academic groups, to continue improving its research quality, to advance its capability to serve the local and state economic priorities, and to set up a research platform with international standard. As a result of hard work over the past decades, the college has achieved a rapid progress in education, research and social service. The college has been recognized as a top class within China and is receiving growing recognition worldwide.